Our Mission

Our mission is to empower 50 early-stage startups from Austria and Slovenia to pioneer sustainable business practices through the power of AI. We provide advanced, freely accessible AI tools, resources, and trainings to transform business models, ensuring that innovation and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

Our AI-powered Chatbots help startups design, re-think and ultimately integrate sustainable practices into their core operations, reducing environmental impact while boosting efficiency and profitability.

Complimentary, high-value resources are created and curated to help every entrepreneur understand how they can utilize advanced technologies to achieve green competitiveness.

Our platform stands for co-intelligence, where human expertise is further enhanced with AI smartness. In-person and online trainings, mentoring remain the main vehicles for startup maturation, whereas AI tools accelerate the process.

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Our international consortium consists of two innovative organizations from Austria (coordinating partner) and Slovenia (project partner).


Many studies are confirming that AI-literacy is the new golden standard for any professional who wants to remain in-demand, or, even better, thrive in today's global economy. We strive to make the latest AI knowledge and tools accessible to innovative entrepreneurs, startups and researchers, across the EU. For that, we are building no-code and AI tools, conducting hands-on workshops, and providing comprehensive online courses. We've already upskilled 900+ users and trained 100+ organizations from +60 countries in leveraging ChatGPT, Claude, and AI tools,. Our partners are technology parks, RTOs, startups, and entrepreneurs, for whom we provide tailored mentorship, training.

Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung Schober GmbH

Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung Schober GmbH Hafelekar Business Consultancy Ltd. was founded in 2001. Hafelekar combines expertise in managerial, social and educational sciences. Customers are business companies, non-profit organisations as well as clients in the public sector. Hafelekar is mainly engaged in the following lines of business: Business consulting, Innovation Management, Social Research, Evaluation, Validation of informal and non-formal learning, Development of (ICT) training models, Curricula design, Analysis of training needs and Process Management. A close cooperation exists with numerous universities in Austria and around Europe. Hafelekar is also integrated in a dense network of VET-provider and related institution and bodies.

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